Middle School

The Einstein Project is now offering nine new STC Middle School (STCMS) units from the Smithsonian Science Education Center.  These units were developed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and align with the Wisconsin Standards for Science.  These new units utilize real world phenomena that anchor-practices based instruction through coherent learning progressions that revisit and expand student understanding.

The middle school units that were previously offered by Einstein are now all retired.  To learn more about each of the new STCMS units click on pilot units on the left. Please refer to the table below to help you decide which new units are right for you and your students!

Retiring Einstein Units
New STCMS Units
Catastrophic Events
Earth’s Dynamic Systems
Weather & Climate Systems
Digestion & Motion
Respiration & Circulation
Organisms: Macro to Micro
Structure & Function
Genes & Molecular Machines
Electricity, Energy & Circuit Design
Magnets & Motors
Electricity, Waves, & Information Transfer
Energy, Machines, & Motion
Magnets & Motors
Energy, Forces, & Motion
Properties of Matter
Matter & Its Interactions
Sun, Earth, Moon System
Space Systems Exploration
Ecosystems & Their Interactions