2018-19 Unit Updates

The Einstein Project charging "FULL STEAM AHEAD!" So many positive changes are underway here at the Einstein Project! The demands of new science standards necessitate that we closely evaluate our science and engineering curriculum. We are retiring some of our old units that do not meet the standards. At the same time we are piloting new units to replace them. We are exploring the creation and compilation of cohesive units built with Open Educational Resources (OER). Maker project and unit kits are being developed and field tested and should soon be available for purchase. Our existing units are getting supports to better incorporate the science & engineering practices and the crosscutting concepts of NGSS. These key instructional strategies will be featured in our NGSS Playbook and summer academy. Finally, we are writing a set of classroom assessments that will help you to gauge student understanding and help to prepare them for the new Forward exam. Click on the links on the left to learn more!