OpenSciEd Curriculum Kits & Professional Development

The Einstein Project is a Certified Professional Development Provider for OpenSciEd.  If you are exploring these materials as a possible resource for your middle school, we are happy to provide a short 1/2 day or full day introduction to the materials. If you have committed to implementing OpenSciEd, we can lead your team through a 4 day curriculum launch.
We are also leasing curriculum kits for all of the available middle school units. High school and elementary units are in the works! The Einstein Project is your source for support in implementing high-quality STEM education.


Introductory STEM Professional Learning

This strand of STEM professional learning is designed to help you to get your feet wet. The offerings here can serve as a great introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards or serve as a springboard to help you grow as an educator. They are meant to be bite-sized learning opportunities to spark your curiosity and confidence as a STEM educator.

While much of what is offered here is on-demand, and self-paced, we would be happy to deliver in-person workshops your school of district.

When you are ready for more, check out the second pathway, Next Steps for STEM Professional Learning. 

Digital Resources for Smithsonian Science for the Classroom

Learn how to access and use the digital resources that we have created for your SSfC units.

OpenSciEd Unit Specific Webinars (Coming Soon)

Are you intersted in teaching a new OpenSciEd unit? Explore this collection of webinars from the OpenSciEd team. Be sure to ask us how you can get materials to try OpenSciEd for Free!

Sense Making with NGSS (Coming Soon)

Learn how the Next Generation Science Standards can foster deeper understanding. The most fundamental shift we need to make for NGSS is in the delivery of our instruction.

Three Dimensions of NGSS (Coming Soon)

DCIs, SEPs, and CCCs, Oh, my! Discover the components of the Next Generation Science Standards. Learn how to integrate these three dimensions to create rich learning experiences for your students.

NGSSifying Your Lessons (Coming Soon)

Do you already have engaging lessons that you don't want to give up on? Explore strategies to integrate the Science & Engineering Practices and the Crosscutting Concepts into what you are already doing.  (Coming Soon)

Have you wanted to get your students coding? Before diving deeper with training, learn the basics of what coding is and how you can use it to teach computer science to all students!

Principles of Engineering Design (Coming Soon)

Can I really teach engineering? Discover how engineering is different than science and why it was included in the new science standards. Learn simple ways to integrate it with what you are already teaching.

Understanding NGSS for Administrators (Coming Soon)

Science instruction is undergoing a major overhaul. Do you understand the instructional shifts teachers will need to make? Discover the basics of NGSS and how you can support teachers as they transform their instruction.


Online STEM Resources





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