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With the uncertainty of how COVID will impact instruction in the fall of 2020, the Einstein Project is developing supports for remote learning for all of our new units from the Smithsonian. We aim to help you in planning and delivering the high-quality instruction that you have come to know with our kits in a remote learning environment. This will include lesson by lesson materials for you to deploy in your school's learming management system. This will allow you to spend more time focusing on student learning and progress and less time on making sure that you got all of your hyperlinks correct!

Don't you think it's about time?

What is NextGen TIME?

NextGen TIME is a suite of tools and processes for curriculum-based professional learning that supports educators to evaluate, select, and implement instructional materials designed for next generation science. NextGen TIME empowers educators to aim higher and accomplish more during the instructional materials selection process. It’s not just about choosing better materials, but about improving next generation science instruction for all students.

Specifically, NextGen TIME will:

  • allow districts and educators to analyze and select materials based on key criteria and scoring guidance, and
  • provide educators with a transformative professional learning experience highly focused on the NGSS and the implementation of high quality materials designed for next generation science.

What will this process look like for you?

Districts will assemble teams of teachers and administrators to take the lead and bring information for decision making back to their districts.

District teams will conduct the Prepare & Prescreen processes to determine their readiness and determine which instructional materials they wish to review.

  • Additional resources and professional development can be provided if needed.

District teams will participate in a three-day workshop to learn the NextGen TIME process for conducting the in-depth Paperscreen to make evidence-based decisions about which programs to Pilot.

  • Teams or individuals may need to complete addition Paperscreening after the workshop.

District teams will participate in a ½ day workshop to prepare for the Pilot. Piloting will include teaching one unit from each program still under consideration.

District teams will share all instructional material review data to help inform others using the NextGen TIME process.

Districts teams will each make their own independent, evidence-based decisions about which instructional materials to adopt. They will then Plan strategies for a successful implementation.

  • Additional support and consultancy can be provided if needed.

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