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In order to assist teachers who are using an Einstein science kit for the first time, we have created 1-2 minute video clips for each of the lessons throughout the unit.  These video clips are meant to be used by teachers for personal preparation for teaching a lesson, and include tips and tricks from our experienced trainers in how to manage the materials and help the lesson flow smoothly.  This is not an all-inclusive list, and it will be updated as more trainers become available to make the videos.  


Science Units

    Cycle      Start       End   
SCI 1 9/5/17 11/8/17
SCI 2 12/11/17 2/16/18
SCI 3A 3/22/18 5/31/18
SCI 3B 3/29/18 5/31/18

Engineering Units

   Cycle       Start       End  
ENG 1 11/9/17 12/6/17
ENG 2A 2/22/18 3/16/18
ENG 3A 2/22/18 3/23/18
ENG 3 4/19/18 5/31/18

*All units should be repacked and ready for return one day after the end date.

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