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Belt Driven Car

The Belt Drive Car combines a simple series circuit (motor, battery & switch) with pulleys and a drive belt to create FAST forward motion. Hit the switch and try to catch it before it crashes! All needed materials are supplied. This project requires the use of common tools (list below). Soldering is encouraged, but is not absolutely required for the project (it's a great maker skill to learn!)

There are lots of examples of great car projects to search for. We learned a lot from Yuri Ostr in this video: https://youtu.be/rpSb_it3GZU


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Introductory Pricing per pack of 10

Belt driven Car......$160

Paddle Boat............$110

Plane on a Stick....$170

Propeller Boat.......$135

Single Tread..........$135



What comes in each Belt Driven Car kit?

Component Quantity
Switch 1
DC Motor 1
9V Battery 1
Battery Snaps 1
Black Wire 0.5 ft
Red Wire 0.5 ft
Craft Sticks 12
Pulley Set 1
12" Dowel 1
Cardboard Wheels (Laser Cut) 6
Axle Couplings (3D Printed) 4
Straws 2
Rubber Bands 4

What tools will I need to complete the Belt Driven Car kit?

Tools are not included with the Belt Driven Car kit.  A tool kit is available for lease upon request.

Soldering Tools: Soldering iron and solder
Soldering Tools: Helping hands for soldering
Soldering Tools: Tip Tinner
Side Cutters
Wire Strippers
Electrical Tape
Hot Glue Gun (High or Low Temp) w/ Glue Sticks

Where can you go to learn more?

Tools & Materials