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Einstein Training Sessions

2019 Announcement Coming Soon!

What if we looked at professional development differently?  Rather than seeing it as something you have to do, what about reframing it as something you want to do?  These very questions are at the heart of some of the changes we are implementing at the Einstein Project.

Our professional development will feature sessions that are aimed at helping teachers fine-tune their knowledge on how to use formative and summative assessments to measure student learning, getting a true understanding of Wisconsin Standards for Science based on NGSS, and makerspace workshops.

So if you’re feeling the “itch” for summer to arrive, don’t just start counting down the days left of the school year.  Make a decision to continue growing as a professional and/or challenge yourself to learn something new that will make you a rock star in the classroom.  Start by making plans to attend the Einstein Project’s Summer Academy.

Contact Kim with more questions: kim@einsteinproject.org


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