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Einstein Training Sessions

Science 101

Note: This session is also offered in video/webinar format.


Chad W. Janowski (Learning Arcitect)
Kim Lemberger (Time, Talent & Treasure Hunter)

Audience: K-12

Featured Einstein Units: All Einstein Units

Description: This is an introductory session for anyone who is new to the teaching profession and/or has never officially taught an Einstein Kit.  The main objective of the session is to discuss the basics of science inquiry teaching strategies and best practices. You will be introduced to the State of Wisconsin Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards to become knowledgeable with how they align with the current Einstein Kits. You will also be given some general information about The Einstein Project, learn how to use the Einstein Portal to utilize resources, and the responsibilities you have for managing the kit you receive.

Note: Beginning August 2017, all new to Einstein Educators will be required to take “Science 101” training in order to receive any Einstein Science Kit.  You are exempt from this requirement if you received training in at least one Einstein Kit by a designated Einstein Trainer and have taught that kit prior to July 2017.

Science 101 Sessions

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