The Wheg-bot Project combines a simple series circuit (gear motor, batteries & switch) with paint sticks, PVC pipe and washers to create a curiously biological movement through the use of “whegs” (wheels/legs). This project requires the use of common tools (list below). Soldering is encouraged, but is not absolutely required. (though it's a great maker skill to learn!)

There are lots of examples of the use of “whegs” in robotics. We learned a lot from the Brainergizer YouTube channel. Check out his wheg design and many other projects.


Order your maker kits!

Introductory Pricing per pack of 10

Belt driven Car......$160

Paddle Boat............$110

Plane on a Stick....$170

Propeller Boat.......$135

Single Tread..........$135



What comes in each Wheg-bot kit?

Component Quantity
Switch 1
Geared DC Motor (w/ wires soldered) 1
AAA Battery 4
AAA Battery Holder 1
Paint Stick 1
Screw 6-32 x 1" 1
Wing Nut 6-32  1
Washer #10 1
Screw 6-32 x 3/4" 2
Hex Nut 6-32 2
3/4" PVC Whegs 2
Wheg Coupling (3D Printed) 2
Set Screw 4
Hex L-Key 1
Cable Tie 2
1/2 of a Synthetic Cork 1

What tools will I need to complete the Belt Driven Car kit?

Tools are not included with the Belt Driven Car kit.  A tool kit is available for lease upon request.

Soldering Tools: Soldering iron and solder
Soldering Tools: Helping hands for soldering
Soldering Tools: Tip Tinner
Side Cutters
Wire Strippers
Electrical Tape
Hot Glue Gun (Low Temp) w/ Glue Sticks
1/8" Drill Bit
3/16" Drill Bit
Needle Nose Pliers
Phillips Head Screw Driver
Saw & Clamp
Cardboard Cutter

Where can you go to learn more?

Tools & Materials